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Document Comparison Action

Agiloft customers can utilize a document comparison feature, sometimes called redlining, which supports comparison of two MS Word files, version 2010 or higher. Using the Track Changes feature, users can input two versions of a given file to create a redlined document; the resulting document shows the changes made between one version and the next. This comparison action is triggered within Agiloft by an action type called a Document Comparison action. The redlined MS Word file can then be downloaded through Agiloft’s user interface.


You must have Hosted MS Word Services configured or have Agiloft installed on a Windows server with the required software.

Three File with versioning fields in the table where the documents are compared. For example, the Previous File, Revised File, and Redlined fields.

Creating the Fields and Action Button

  1. Log in to Agiloft as an admin and navigate to the Table wizard for the table containing the three type File with versioning fields.
  2. On the Fields tab, create an action button:
    1. General tab: name the action button.
    2. Select the Execute Action checkbox.
    3. Click Add Action.
    4. In the pop-up window, click Create Document Comparison Action.
  3. Create the action as follows:
    1. General tab: name the action.
    2. Data Source tab: select the fields that hold the Revised File, Previous File, and the field to hold the Redlined document.

  4. For customers accessing the Hosted Word API services for document comparison, select the Use Hosted Service to Compare Documents checkbox.
  5. All users: Finish the action. Finish setting up the action button and Save it. Continue organizing the layout and permissions as needed.

To test out the feature, upload files into the Revised and Previous fields and click the Compare Documents action button you've created.

Comparisons Between the Same File

The Document Comparison Action can perform redlining comparisons between two versions of the same file field. In the Document Comparison Action wizard, you can select the same file name for both the Revised File and the Previous File.

If the same file field is chosen here, the action works the following way:

  • If the field contains one file with multiple versions the action will compare the most recently uploaded versions of the file, and create a redlined file from that.
  • In cases where the file field contains multiple files without versioning, the most recently uploaded file and the one updated immediately prior to it will be compared.
  • In cases where the file field contains multiple files with versioning, the latest versions of the respective files will be compared.