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Deleting Records

Deleting records is an important permission, often only given to high level power or admin users. Because the action is permanent, it is important to restrict access to the Delete icon as much as possible. If you want to give users the ability to choose which records to delete without giving them full delete permission, it is possible to create an action button that hides the records and allows the admin to decide whether to delete them permanently. Or, you might schedule a weekly time-based rule to permanently delete the hidden records.

The Delete button is visible only to users with the necessary permissions.

To delete individual records, select the checkbox in the table view and click Delete on the action bar. To delete all records on a single page or all found records, select the top checkbox and choose the appropriate drop-down menu item. When you click Delete, a confirmation dialog appears before the records are actually deleted.

An animated image showing selecting a record, clicking Delete, and confirming in the pop-up dialog