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Configure ODBC Connection

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is an open standard application programming interface (API) for accessing a database. For more information, see here. This topic describes how to configure an  Agiloft database with ODBC.

Install MySQL ODBC Driver on the Client Machine

Download ODBC drivers from and install them on your client machine.

Be sure to pick the correct driver version that corresponds to your Operating System. Choose Typical Installation if given a choice by the installer. The installation is rather straightforward, the following articles may be helpful as reference for various OS's.

Windows XP operating system:

UNIX and Linux:

Configure ODBC datasource

After installation the ODBC datasource has to be configured for Agiloft database. The following documents describe how to configure the datasource on various OS.

Windows XP operating system:


You may want to configure the datasource as System - available to all users.

The important thing to remember is to specify the correct user, password and port.

Be sure to test the connection - both Windows and Linux/UNIX connection managers provide this functionality.

Connect from your client application

Once the DSN has been configured, most applications will display it among others in a list of available DSN's.