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Browser Pop-up Actions

Browser Pop-up actions trigger a pop-up window displaying a custom message in a logged in user’s browser. The pop-up appears to the users specified in the action only if they are currently logged in to the system. Pop-ups can be run from a time-based or event-specific rule or an action button.

They are typically used to notify a user who saved a record that a follow-up action has been completed or to notify staff members when a new record of a specific type is received, such as a high priority support ticket.

The popup includes a custom message and button to view the record that triggered the popup, as well as a button to close the popup.

Create a Pop-up Action

From the Actions tab within the Table wizard or while adding an action to a rule:

  1. Click Create Browser Pop-up Action.
  2. Name your action and give it a description.

    Once your action is saved the system automatically adds a B: before your given title to distinguish the action as Browser Pop-up.

  3. Choose recipients to receive the pop-up message. Pop-ups generated by the action can be displayed to a set of hard-coded users or to users held in a user linked field in the record, such as Assigned Person, the team in the Assigned Team field, or the person who initiated the action that resulted in the pop-up.
  4. Create a message that will appear in the pop-up window. This message may contain HTML formatting and may also include any field variables from the record that triggered the popup.
  5. Click Finish.

Best Practice Tip

The default size of the popup is rather small.  To control the size of the popup window, add the following text at the bottom of your custom message within the html editor, while in source HTML mode:


This will provide a window 600 x 450 pixels in size; you can use custom numbers to achieve your preferred size.