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Broadcast Messages

This option is controlled by permissions, and power users may not be given the permission to send broadcast messages.  This feature can be used to send messages to specific users, user teams, or all users, provided they are currently logged into the system.  To send a message:

  1. Select Messaging in the Left Pane. 
  2. Select the Recipients. Options include Everyone, only specific users, and specific teams. Messaging to end user teams is supported.
  3. Press Send. The message is delivered shortly as a pop-up to the logged in recipients.

What if Messaging is not Enabled?

If Messaging is not enabled, navigate to Home > Preferences > Left Pane Setup and select the Messaging checkbox. If Messaging still does not appear, check that your user group has permission to send messages. Only admin users can edit group permissions. The  'Allow access to Messaging wizard' setting appears on the General tab of the Manage Groups dialog, located at Setup > Access > Manage Groups.