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Agiloft Contract Assistant for Outlook

Agiloft is available as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which adds the power of Agiloft directly into Microsoft Outlook.

The app was created to allow users to perform tasks from their email accounts they'd normally do in Agiloft. When installed on Desktop, the Agiloft app appears on the far right-hand side of the Home tab as a large A icon. When installed on Web, it can be found using the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of an email near the Reply buttons.

You can accomplish a lot with the Outlook app, such as:

  • Add email information such as attached files and text content to existing records in Agiloft
  • Send attachments from Agiloft in outgoing emails
  • Record third-party email correspondences automatically

For more information, visit the following pages or watch the demo on YouTube. This demo contains information about configuring and using the app.