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Additional Linked Field Types

The most common linked field data types are Link to Single Field from Other TableLink to Selected Fields from Other Table, and Related Tables.

These less common data types also utilize linked data:

  • Copy fields (attributes only) from other table
  • Embedded Search Result
  • Communications Search Result
  • Link to all fields from other table

These data types are also considered linked field data types, but they're not nearly as common, and they serve much more specialized purposes.

Copy Field Attributes from Other Table

The "Copy fields (attributes only) from other table" option allows you to easily copy a field you defined in another table into the table you're working in. For example, you could use the Credit Card or Mailing Address fields in several tables within the current knowledgebase without having to redefine them for each table.

This function copies the field definition and settings, but not any of the data stored in the field in any existing records in the source table.

Unlike other linked field types, this data type does not maintain any linked relationship with the source table. After you copy the field, if you make changes to the original field in the source table, your copies are not affected.

Embedded Search Result

This data type shows the result of a configured search inside a record as an embedded table, without any preexisting relationship between the tables. Simply select a table and a saved search to show.

Like other data types that display as embedded tables, you can select a table view and action bar to use specifically in the embedded table.

Communications Search Result

This data type is similar to the Embedded Search Result type, but it's designed to show records from the Communications table. You can see examples of this data type in the out-of-the-box configuration by going to the Email tab of most process tables, where a Communications Search Result shows emails related to the record.

This data type is identical to the Embedded Search Result type except that you don't select a table, since it is always searching the Communications table, and the data is subject to the restrictions and setup of the Communications table. For more information, see Communications Table.

Link to All Fields from Other Table

This data type is not generally used. In almost all cases, a Link to Selected Fields is the preferred alternative because you have better control over the results. If you use this data type, you not only link every existing field in the source table; you also link every field created in the source table in the future, which makes it difficult to work with either table.