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25.1 Release Notes

Agiloft provides quarterly releases with new functionality, plus monthly maintenance releases consisting of corrections only. This page includes the full list of documented changes for each version, but if you prefer to focus on the highlights, check out What's New instead.

This page also includes minor releases that have happened since the release of version 25 and prior to the next major version.

Release 25.1

New and improved Google Drive integration

Enjoy a new and improved Google Drive integration, now with access to open all your files in Drive for easy editing and sharing with the very latest version of the file. Move seamlessly between Agiloft and the Google editing suite for .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx files, where you can take advantage of collaborating, commenting, and assigning tasks. Agiloft maintains an up-to-date version of the file as well, so you can use your Drive files in Agiloft automation like email notifications, document comparison actions, and more. 

For information about configuring the integration with Google Drive, see Agiloft Google Drive Integration.

If your KB is already integrated with Google Drive, you must modify your configuration in order to take advantage of the new and improved version.

Deprecating integration with Facebook and BeyondTrust

This version removes integrations with Facebook and BeyondTrust, formerly called Bomgar.

Left pane and old UI deprecated

The left pane and previous user interface are no longer available as of this release. Any navigation menus that are still set to use the left pane will automatically transition to top nav bars, and all users will automatically see the new UI features, including drag-and-drop columns in table view, updated Quick Search, and more.

We do not recommend leaving your navigation menus to transition automatically. To give your users the best experience, make a plan to review each navigation menu and edit it to create a helpful, usable top nav bar. For guidance on managing this process and giving users time to adjust, see Switching to the New User Interface.

As part of this change, FAQs and the Calendar are also being deprecated.

Added features for Modal actions

Enjoy enhanced Modal actions that now support:

  • Editing a linked record in another table
  • Opening a modal from the table view using an action button
  • Including links to single fields with multiple values enabled
  • Automatically sizing the modal window to fit the largest field width

The Save and Cancel buttons are also now placed in their own section at the bottom of the modal for consistency and improved user experience.

Finally, if a Modal action is added to a rule, a warning appears to remind the users that rules do not execute Modal actions.

Action types now visible in Action Button setup

When you create or edit an action button, the list of actions now includes the prefixes that indicate action type. This makes it easier to determine the best order, and offers confirmation on what each action does, especially if an action has an unclear name.

Customize button text in Validation actions

Validation actions now offer the option to add custom labels to the buttons that appear, if the action is configured as a warning. For example, you might prefer to show a button labeled Save the Record, rather than the default text, Ignore Warning and Save.

To customize these labels, simply edit a Validation action and select "Allow saving after confirming the dialog that appears." With this option selected, you can choose which buttons appear and how they are labeled.

Configure text fields to automatically capitalize text

Improve your workflows by applying automatic capitalization to specific Text or Short Text fields, like fields that contain postal codes. With this enabled, you can complete the field without capitalizing anything, and let the system capitalize it for you when you leave the field or save the record.

To set a Text or Short Text field to automatically capitalize its contents, simply edit the field, go to the Options tab, and set Input Correction to Upper Case.

Updated default action bar for new tables

Enjoy a new and improved default action bar when you create new tables in your KB. It matches the updated design present in the out-of-the-box CLM system, with clearer, simpler labels and less clutter.

New default action bar with New, Views, Edit Fields, More, and Search, showing More expanded to list Email, SMS, Print Records, Export, Import, Copy, and Delete

Open Agiloft contracts directly from the Word app

Easily open contracts in Agiloft from the Word app by simply clicking the icon next to the contract title. This section also now includes the parent contract ID, if there is one.

Sentence-level tagging for clause extraction models in AI Trainer

Agiloft's AI Trainer now allows you to train clauses at the sentence-level, instead of requiring you to tag the whole paragraph. This is useful for clauses that don't span entire paragraphs, and provides more freedom and flexibility when performing annotations.

Document viewer now shows a count of annotations and suggestions

When working with annotations or AI, the document viewer now shows a count for the annotations and AI suggestions associated with the open Contract record.

Example annotation sidebar with the count shown

Show Highlights option is now always available in the Document Viewer

Access the Show Highlights option in the document viewer at any time, which allows you to toggle annotation visibility for any document that has annotations. This setting is listed in the options (ellipses) menu of the document viewer, along with the Print Records and Download options. Annotations are added to contracts with the Word app or with the Google Docs app.

Previously, Show Highlights was only available in the context of adding annotations.

Show Highlights option selected

Update to Party labels

When internal company information is extracted by AI, it is now automatically assigned the Party 1 Name and Party 1 Address labels regardless of whether it appears first or second in the contract document. This ensures that your internal company information will always be the primary party in your records instead of potentially being categorized as the counterparty.

Request specific code values for .json REST calls

If you use REST calls with the .json decorator, you can now amend those calls to request specific HTTP Response Codes instead of only code 200. This is helpful when using REST to accomplish communication between Agiloft and another system, where the other system might need specific code responses to identify or resolve issues. Simply include err_code_resp=1 in the request header to receive specific response codes.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue in the EUI where running a run-time saved search and then clearing all filters could cause the action bar to appear even if the EUI template included showToolBar=false.

Fixed an issue when editing a record layout where, after opening the drop-down to switch between interfaces, the drop-down was not dismissed by clicking out of it.

Fixed an issue that occurred when an end user submitted a contract in the EUI, which sometimes caused the record to remain locked until the end user logged out. Now, the record is unlocked when the user closes it, as expected.

Fixed an issue that could prevent email notifications if they were triggered by certain configurations of older field data types.

Fixed an issue that did not show the horizontal scroll bar in the EUI unless the user went to the bottom of the page. Now, the scroll bar is always visible, as expected.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the action bar to flicker or disappear when using the Alt + M keyboard shortcut to open My Assigned.

Fixed an issue where the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Word loaded indefinitely when the Generate Tags button was pushed if the Annotations JSON field of a linked Attachment record was blank. Now, this issue is fixed.

Fixed an issue with Agiloft for Microsoft Teams that sometimes caused notifications to appear twice.

Fixed an issue that caused an error message during the successful upload of an attached file. Now, this error message does not appear.

Fixed an issue that prevented copying records for tables with certain ID iteration formulas.

Fixed an issue where pinning the Quick Search pane did not keep it open when switching tables. Now, pinning the pane keeps it open even when you go to a different table.

Fixed an issue that caused the hyperlink text in an email template to show incorrect HTML code, instead of the correct HTML that was generated by inserting the hyperlink. Now, this issue is fixed.

Fixed an issue where some annotations were erroneously marked as duplicates in the Word app, especially if the annotation was for a Key Term. Now, this issue is fixed.

Fixed an issue where fields with conditional visibility were not shown when the conditions were met, until the record was saved. Now, saving the record is not necessary for these fields to appear.

Fixed an issue that hid the search bar in table widgets, if the table was first filtered to show no records.

Fixed an issue that prevented the required fields warning from appearing inside Modal actions when required fields were left blank.

Fixed an issue that prevented deleting a workflow state from the Workflow tab of table setup.

Fixed an issue that occurred when editing multiple records at once, which caused the Mass Edit window to close unexpectedly and fail to update the records.

Fixed an issue that caused an error in some circumstances when opening an attached Word document directly from the Attachments table.

Fixed an issue where running a conversion from a hyperlinked text box sometimes caused the text entry field to disappear, leaving only the lookup icon. Now, the entry field remains, as expected.

Fixed an issue where Action Buttons running Validation actions did not offer the user the option to ignore the warning and save, even if the Validation action was configured that way. Now, the pop-up offers the options as configured.

Fixed an issue where an action button configured to save and open the record for editing did not consistently apply changes if they were made and then saved using Save and Continue. Now, the changes are saved properly in this situation.

December 2023 Maintenance Release

Fixed an issue that could cause sync to fail when the entity set contained Publish actions.

Fixed an issue that caused dates synced with Integration Hub to be one day ahead on servers whose time zone is behind UTC+0. Now, dates are synced correctly regardless of server time zone.

Fixed an issue that prevented the API status message from appearing after the user clicked an action button that ran an API call. Now, the status message appears at the top, as it did before.

Fixed an issue that prevented applying end user updates to a record's workflow status under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue that prevented embedded tables from refreshing when a new record was created, that should have appeared in the embedded table in the open parent record. Now, the embedded table refreshes and shows the newly added record, as expected.

Fixed an issue with running a run-time search filter on a multi-select field, which sometimes prevented selecting multiple values for searching.

Fixed an issue in legacy import where after editing and saving an annotation in the document viewer, the "Publish as" value does not show the update. Now, the edited value is shown.

Fixed an issue with Notification actions that prevented applying the option to include selected fields from the record. Now, these settings are saved and respected.

Fixed an issue that caused Data Conversion actions with existing formula mappings to not display the current formula mapping, so that the existing mapping could not be edited. Now, if a formula mapping has already been added and saved in a Data Conversion action, editing that action shows the formula mapping so it can be reviewed and edited.

Fixed an issue with OCR actions that caused an error when running the action on .png files.

Fixed an issue that sometimes occurred when copying an existing group to create a new one. If the new group was not created successfully, the system retained a group named -- null value -- that could be visible when assigning groups in a user record. Now, these null groups are not created in this situation.

Fixed an issue that prevented checking out documents whose names contained a semicolon (;).

Fixed an issue that prevented copying contracts under some circumstances.

Fixed an issue that caused end users to be redirected to the Legacy EUI instead of the standard EUI after completing a mandatory password reset. Now, these users are redirected properly.

Fixed an issue caused when Quick Edit changes inside an embedded table were not saved before clicking an action button that utilized the changed values. Previously, this caused a pop-up to appear asking the user to abandon the change or return and save it. Now, the change is applied and the action button automation proceeds.

January 2024 Maintenance Release

Additional enhancements have been made to improve the security of your system.

Fixed an issue where the Integrity Manager did not appear when the user attempted to remove a field from a link to selected fields, and that field was referenced elsewhere in the system. Now, the Integrity Manager appears as expected to assist the user in removing those references, after which the field can be removed from the set.

Fixed an issue that could cause the saved search configured for a group's View permissions to not be evaluated correctly.

Fixed an issue with Modal actions that sometimes caused fields on the main record form to be cleared when the modal contents were saved. Now, information filled in before launching the Modal action is properly retained.

Fixed an issue where the system did not correctly evaluate formulas that referenced the current table in the form of $table_name.field. Now, these references are evaluated correctly.

Fixed an issue when downloading files from the Attach/Manage window that sometimes caused files to be downloaded as "unknown" files with no file extension.

Fixed an issue that caused users to be logged out as idle even if they were actively working on a document they had checked out from Agiloft. Now, if a user checks out a document and continues saving it as they work, each save action resets the idle timer and allows the user to remain logged in.

Fixed an issue that did not enforce required fields for linked fields that had the "Allow entries not in source table" option selected.

Fixed an issue with run-time searches that could cause the input box to appear very narrow and not expand when text was entered. Now, the input box appears at a normal width.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Update Fields action wizard to continually reload on the Values tab, which prevented the user from making or saving changes. Now, the user can progress unimpeded.

Fixed an issue when purchasing Adobe Sign agreements, where the pricing tiers were not reflected in the Payment Amount shown. Now, the Payment Amount is displayed correctly, according to the tiers.

Fixed an issue with referencing an image field inside the footer of a document template. Now, images are displayed properly when added to the footer.

Fixed an issue with the in-system REST documentation that prevented passing multiple values to multi-choice fields and linked fields with multiple values enabled.

Fixed an issue that caused some email workflows to reference the default exit URL instead of the exit URL defined in the email hotlink.

Fixed an issue that cut off text in global search results.

Fixed an issue that prevented Microsoft Teams notifications from being sent to the selected channels. Now, the notifications are sent to all selected recipients.

Fixed an issue with the admin setup menu that left a blank space in the lower right corner. Now, the Translation option occupies that space and there is no gap.

February 2024 Maintenance Release

Fixed an issue with Summary layout popovers that prevented action buttons from running.

Fixed an issue that could cause conditionally visible fields to appear in view-only mode, even if the conditions were not met.

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented exporting an entity set if the set contained certain dependency relationships.

Fixed an issue that caused calculated results to reset to 0 under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue with inbound emails that stored incorrectly in Agiloft and were not readable.

Fixed an issue with table widgets that always displayed the default action bar for the user's team, rather than the action bar configured for the widget.

Fixed an issue with Integration Hub webhooks that prevented webhooks from being deleted after a recipe was stopped. Now, webhooks are deleted when their recipes stop, as expected.

Fixed an issue when mass editing fields where using the look-up did not populate the selected value in the selection field. Now, the look-up works as expected in this situation.

Fixed an issue where saved search conditions incorrectly resolved field variables that did not include a table name. Previously, a field variable like $id was evaluated based on the context of the search, so if the search ran from a specific record, that record's ID was used. Now, the variable is evaluated for each row being considered, to make the behavior consistent across the system. In situations where you need to compare to the ID of a specific record in this way, simply add the table name as a prefix, such as $ When the prefix is added, the value of the variable is found and then used to evaluate the search condition, rather than continuing to evaluate the variable.

March 2024 Maintenance Release

Fixed an issue where documents that had been through OCR were rendered incorrectly in the document viewer.

Fixed an issue that caused the system to run very slowly when many Calculated Result fields were updated at the same time. Now, these calculations are throttled to manage the impact on system performance.

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented customized action bar text from appearing in the table view.

Fixed an issue that caused approvals to be generated twice under some circumstances.

Fixed an issue with action buttons that contained multiple If-Then-Else actions, which included a Validation action. Previously, this caused other actions in the action button not to work as expected. Now, this issue is fixed.

Fixed an issue with left-side common areas where adjusting the width of the common area did not proportionately adjust the width of embedded tables visible in the record.

April 2024 Maintenance Release

Fixed an issue where end users were directed to the legacy EUI after resetting their passwords, instead of being directed to the defined login URL.

Fixed an issue where import actions sometimes failed when importing non-alphanumerical characters, such as a backslash in a date format. Now, non-alphanumerical characters are processed as expected.

Fixed an issue where import actions sometimes failed when importing non-alphanumerical characters, such as a backslash in a date format. Now, non-alphanumerical characters are processed as expected.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Unlink option from appearing in action bars.

Fixed an issue that limited Salesforce sync to 200 records at a time.

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented sender information from being included when using the Forwarding Discarded Emails feature for inbound email.